Who are you? (Who, who, who, who)

August 29, 2008
Palin, c/o CNN.

Palin, c/o CNN.

Politics. I hate to enter the whole debacle, but I feel like I have to. I’m mostly independent (perhaps due to my commitment issues, see my first entry), but I was excited when Hillary decided to enter the race. Excited, yes, because she was a woman, but more so because she’s experienced and very intelligent and she knows what the hell she’s doing (and what she would have been getting into). Even if she didn’t do great things as president, I don’t think she would have sent the country into a tizzy, and she would have broken ground for future, perhaps more qualified, female leaders.

I don’t like Obama for the opposite reason: He’s not experienced. He can say he’s ready to lead this country in a terribly critical time all he wants, but I won’t believe it until he proves it. When John Kerry was campaigning in good ‘ole ’04, he had throngs of guys he worked with or went to war with vouching for his character (I know, I saw him speak in Ohio). I was hoping Obama would pull out something — someone to vouch for him — last night, when he had the world’s attention. He pulled out his wife, who doted on his fathering skills. Hillary said, “He’s a Democrat, I’m a Democrat, kumbayah, enough for me!” and said she supported him, gritting her teeth, crossing her fingers, all of it, I’m sure. Obama’s “specific” plans for fixing America didn’t help much either — No foreign oil! No taxes! Nobody uninsured! (For someone so unconvetional, he sure was generic.)

To me, Obama is a self-made candidate, a man who thinks he should be able to become president just because he says so, just because, perhaps, he’s a decent guy. (Uber-conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer explains it better here. For a more forgiving critique, go here.) McCain, who’s ancient and has tons of credo to back him up, has lambasted Obama in the past for this exact same reason — inexperience.

That’s why I was knocked off my rocker when McCain named Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his running mate today (WaPo broke it this morning). A first-term governor of the fourth least-populated state in the country, former mayor of a 9K-population town, just 44 years old, with no experience in Washington or on the world stage, first in line to take on the world if the aged and not-the-healthiest McCain (God forbid) kicks the bucket? (A good NYT editorial here)

If this was McCain’s last-ditch effort to get at the “disaffected” Hillary-ites, he has no doubt failed. I’ve read dozens of opinions on this. We’re all pissed off, pissed off that McCain thinks that Hillary supporters are base enough to think that a woman candidate=a woman candidate=a woman candidate, and that Palin was the best pick. Pick a more qualified man, and we’d be behind you. Pick a more qualified woman — there are thousands of them — and we might begin to like you. Just a little.

Note: I am not a Republican. I am best described as a social liberal and an economic conservative. I don’t like either of the candidates, and this latest move has made me dislike McCain even more. I am tired of this campaign of nobodies and old fogies with old ideas.


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