Death by Huffy.

August 30, 2008
A bunch of kids in the LES (where I live) playing bike polo. I didnt even know that existed. God bless Google Image Search.

A bunch of kids in the LES (where I live) playing bike polo. I didn't even know that existed. God bless Google Image Search.

Bicycles. All the rage now. Yay bicycling! Yay going green in a toxic world! Yay exercise for fat Americans! I feel like every other person in the city rides a bike around now.

On principle, I adore the idea. I just choose not to ride a bike because I enjoy walking (and think it would be inconvenient to have to always worry about a bike wherever I go). But I digress…

My problem with bikers is their utter disregard for the rules of the road. Key example: Yesterday. Little innocent me, on my way home from work, nearly getting plowed over as I crossed Cooper Square (or 3rd Ave, or Bowery, or whatever you’d like to call it) on a red light. A red light. To vehicles, that’s supposed to mean stop, but to two cyclists on the road, who must not have known they were riding vehicles, it meant: “Mow down Raquel! She’s completely unawares!”

Thankfully, I wasn’t, and used my catlike reflexes to dodge.

Bicyclists are supposed to follow normal car rules — evidence here. (They aren’t supposed to ride on the sidewalks, either, but how many times have you almost been hit while walking on what’s reserved for PED[feet!]estrians?)

Do you ride a bike? Do you follow the rules? Have you had near-death encounters involving bikers? Dish, if the memories aren’t too traumatic to recall.

– End rant.


2 Responses to “Death by Huffy.”

  1. famapa Says:

    Hi Raquel! I ride a bike and sometimes (infact 99% of the time) I seem to be the only cyclist obeying the law. I always stop at red lights and never cycle on the pavement. I also occasionally drive a car and I don’t jump lights or drive on the pavement in it, so why should it be different when I’m on the bike? I always feel that I get shocked looks at a red light from drivers. “whaaat??? a cyclist who actually stops at a red light??”. It’s already scary enough to be cycling in London so why would anyone want to take an even bigger risk? Also, if cyclists are in that much of a hurry they should just leave themselves more time to start with!!! Anyway, that’s my take on it and that’s what I’m sticking with 🙂

  2. raquellabella Says:

    i totally agree… i think biking in a big city with a lot of traffic has to be hella scary. props to you for being safe!

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