If looks could kill.

September 3, 2008
c/o thetvaddict.com

c/o thetvaddict.com

Who’s beautiful? You’re beautiful, Michael C. Hall. All spring and summer, I was sad, thinking I’d have to wait until Sept. 28, the season premiere of your miraculous murder drama Dexter, to see your beautiful face regularly again. But lo, when I stepped out of the Subway at Times Sqaure last week and onto the escalator, there you were, on the wall to my right, looking all GQ on… well… faux magazine covers. Thank you, Showtime, for reminding me that good things are coming later this month: the first day of fall on the 22nd, and, just days later, the root of my semi-worrisome obsession.

Click here to see the rest of the posters.


2 Responses to “If looks could kill.”

  1. maria Says:

    he is a hot piece. and what a great show! showtime knows what they’re doing.

  2. susan Says:

    too bad the girl who plays his sister is doing that horror movie. i dont even remember what its called but it looks awful.

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