Mosquitos in NYC.

September 5, 2008
This picture alone grosses me out.

This picture alone grosses me out.

So a couple mornings ago I woke up covered in mosquito bites. About five on my legs, one or two on my back… one even managed to nail the bottom of my foot! From my very basal knowledge of mosquitoes (which I discovered is spelled with a “toes,” not tos, just now) I associated mosquitoes with wet areas like lakes and green areas and the country. Not too much of that in NYC. Boyfriend’s been bitten lately, too. What’s the problem?

I decided to investigate a bit and wound up on the New York City government’s website. I was a little suprised at what I’ve found: Despite sprayings and other mosquito-killing measures in all the other boroughs going back over the past several months, Manhattan has no mosquito sprayings scheduled for this year. Just to make sure this wasn’t an oddity, I checked out last year’s schedule, and Manhattan only came up once, for the spraying of a single cemetary in Washington Heights. NO sprayings occurred in Manhattan from 2006-2004.

Now I’m not an expert on this by any means, but I find this very odd. Manhattan has the most poeple; sure that can make it harder to spray, but it also makes it even more essential that it’s done. NYC’s Department of Health has an entire webpage dedicated to West Nile Virus, so it obviously knows the issue is important. And we’ve got water and park areas around here that could definitely afford to be sprayed.

If you live in a city, are you ever attacked by mosquitoes? What do you do to combat them? Know anything about spraying where you live?


3 Responses to “Mosquitos in NYC.”

  1. savvymode sg Says:

    thank god we don’t really have mosquitos here in so. cal.

  2. paul pincus Says:

    i killed two on saturday.

  3. Jen Says:

    I feel your pain……

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