Big heads, small ears.

September 9, 2008

Me and my old Parisian roommate, Estelle, talked a few times about getting a cat when we lived in Park Slope, Brooklyn, together last winter. One afternoon, while we were chatting about kitties while walking around in the snow, she said, in her funny-sounding English, “I like the cats with the big fat heads and the tiny ears.” This resulted in lots of laughing — and an inside joke to last a lifetime.

That’s why I was uber-excited when Kris over at Krisatomic introduced me to this gem. I have no idea what it’s called — I can’t read a thing on the page (I think it’s in Chinese). But it doesn’t really need words. Hope it does something for you. Personally, I could look at it and giggle all day long. (I’m easily amused, yeah.)

Note: I should have uber-exciting news — and an uber-exciting post — tomorrow or Thursday! Stay tuned, lovies!

Oh, almost forgot! Mosquito update: Last night, I was bitten on the face! The face! TWICE! There’s about to be some serious tiki-torch action at the Internet Cafe.


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